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Strenghthen you critical faculty and create sustainable processes

The Sustainable Design and Transition research group contributes to several interdisciplinary educational programs at Aalborg University. Design, innovation, organisational processes, markets and sustainability are focal topics, scrutinised though mainly qualitative methodologies. Emphasis is given to enhancing the student's critical understanding of the paradigms, practices and governmental practices which influence technological, production, consumption, infrastructural and urban development. We strive to give our students competences to promotes transitional and innovation processes through user and public participation as well as through, for example, co- design processes.

The research group has been responsible for developing a Bachelor and a Masters program for engineers in “Sustainable Design”. The Bachelor program is offered in Danish, and the Masters program is offered in English. SDT researchers are also engaged in a post gradual program (continued education) on Sustainable Transition  and in developing PhD courses on this and related topics. These educational programs, therefore, draw particularly on SDT research areas and scientific expertise as well as methodologies.

Researchers at SDT are involved in a number of educational programs offered at AAU-Cph, including:

SDT based programs

Sustainable Design (bachelor level)

Creativity, technical knowledge and social insight goe hand in hand in this 3 year program. Students develop competences within project management, development of prototypes and innovative solutions and learn how to analyze different user practices in different cultural and social situations. Complimentary to this students obtain qualifications within the more technical fields such as mechanics, mathematics, energy systems and data handling. This program is offered in Danish only.

Please see the Sustainable Design (Bach.) web page (in Danish only) for more information on admittance and educational content.


Sustainable Design (master level)

The master’s programme in “Sustainable Design” combines sustainable product design with tools from innovation theory, practice theory and user-oriented design. Visualization and experimentation are important strategies for developing new innovative solutions, which can overcome system dependencies and achieve sustainable system transformation in various societal sectors. Students engage in challenging design-oriented problem solving in collaboration with NGO´s, companies, public institutions and professional groups. This program is offered in English.

Please see the Sustainable Design web page for more information on admittance and educational content.